System Information

System Information System Information is fast, lightweight, advanced system information tool for your PC. See a quick summary, or dive deeper into every aspect of your PCs hardware so you can make informed upgrade and purchasing decisions. Live Demo System Information build with Electronjs – Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS … Continue Reading »

Instagram Scrapper With Email

What is Instagram Scraper Live Demo Special 20% Discount !! Offer till end of this corona lockdown. Let’s work from home and fight for a better tomorrowWe also have a web version of the application which works on Mac, Linux as well as WindowsGet in touch with me at: for full source code This … Continue Reading »

Right Click Editor

Right click editor allow you to add custom element to the right click menu, it is easy to use and you don’t need any knowledge to make it work, only click and select the element Live Demo Very lightweight, only 573KB and look very good with and elegant and simple custom theme You can add: … Continue Reading »

Twitter Scrapper

What is Twitter Scraper Live Demo This application is a one stop solution to get twitter user data. It helps you find who user’s follower, following, latest tweet, Top 100 user names who retweeted a particular tweet, search hashtag for latest and popular tweets, export all the data into text file and CSV. Feature Search … Continue Reading »

The New Sprite Editor For Plist Spritesheets

This software overcomes the limitations of the Old Spritesheet Extractor. Live Demo Now you can use this tool to edit Spritesheets of Zwoptex, Texture Packer, Buildbox, Cocos2dx. FREE TRIAL Demo Video Features: 1: Edit every single sprite in Spritesheet right from the software. 2: Extract all the sprites. 3: Merge Back all sprites at once. … Continue Reading »

WordPress Auto Publisher

If you manage multiple writers for your blog or even upload daily yourself, you know that it’s tedious to copy and paste content from a Word document to your blog with the right title, tags, and categories for every article. WordPress Auto Publisher lets you store a Word document in its queue directory and does … Continue Reading »

Sales Manager – Track your Sales on Envato

A desktop application that uses Envato API to get sales data for Envato market Authors. Live Demo Features Calculate Partner Shares according to given percentage. Track sales from multiple Accounts. Auto refresh sales data using Envato API after a user-defined interval. Create customizable CSV file according to any criteria. This is an Open Source project. … Continue Reading »

Spooky Spritesheet Extractor and Merger for any PNG

Video Demo: Live Demo This is Spooky. The first ever Intelligent Spritesheet extractor. It will automatically detect all your Sprites present in the PNG file. Although the Accuracy is approx around 96-100%. But Surely this software will help you edit any Spritesheet. Also our favourite Merge Back feature lets you edit these Spritesheet with … Continue Reading »

Reference ImageTool for 3D Modelers

imageplane tool for 3dmodelers. Live Demo its really not so easy to select/zoom/rotate/locate reference images while 3d modeling. but in Referencetool, its easy. if you wanna read boring sentences continue or watch 2 minute tutorials if you wanna form an opinion:2 Minute Tutorials for Reference Image Tool on Youtube select/zoom/rotate/pan picture is easy, no waste … Continue Reading »