With Source-Fetch you can download the HTML source code of any website. Live Demo With a wide range of slectable User-Agents you can simulate different browsers while sending the request to pull the websites source code, also known as spoofing. From desktops, phones, tablets, game consoles, search bots & other popular devices on the market … Continue Reading »

RWC – Raspberry Web Console

RWC – Raspberry Web Console is a my personal project for control my raspberry from web. Live Demo This project is very easy to install. You can setup it in 2 minutes! Demo Videos: Full preview | Getting Started Features Easy setup GPIO configuration GPIO configuration for relay (with Normally Close and Normally Open) Play … Continue Reading »

Mass Site Visitor – a traffic bot

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mass Site Visitor is sold exclusively on Envato (Codecanyon) since 2016 (I also used to sell it at SeoClerks/Codeclerks as headshote, but these marketplaces are dead now), anybody else trying to sell this bot to you is a scammer Live Demo Mass Site Visitor (MSV) is designed to generate large amounts of traffic … Continue Reading »

WiFi Simple Hotspot

Wifi Simple Hotspot let you to create a wifi hotspot on your pc Live Demo You can set the name of the connection (ssid), set the password and see the connection status. All the setting like the ssid name and password can be saved for a fast connection recreation A guide is included inside the … Continue Reading »

Theme Creator

Theme creator let you to create a complete theme for .Net whitout any knowing of GDI (no coding required) Live Demo Is very simple to use and there is multiple option for every control, double click on what control you want, edit, click on generate and copy the code. When editing you can see the … Continue Reading »

Too Many Proxies Tool

Description Live Demo Too Many Proxies Tool helps you to find thousands proxies and performs multiple checks of them: ping, custom request, TOR detection, proxy visibility, finding location and other. Complex process and output data configuration supported. The proxies found can be used in my other tools (Auto Clicker, Site Visitor, Scenario Web Extractor, Youtube … Continue Reading »

Sprite sheet Plist Editor for Texture Packer and BuildBox

Join 600+ People on you are a student or can’t afford it, contact us @ for great discounts and offers. We are here to help. Please do not pirate this helpful software. Live Demo Trust Envato and Bluegamerz for a long and trust worthy support for this software. Please do not support piracy … Continue Reading »

Virtual Screen Splitter

This application will allow main screen to be split into two or more sections. It will be helpful for the active program’s window to be resized properly to one part of the screen. Live Demo Using this utility, User will be able to do a split system desktop into two or more areas so that … Continue Reading »