Fontasia (Font Usage Viewer)

click here to video demonstration Live Demo Minimalistic Font Viewer tool. Click to a font file (ttf, eot, otf, woff) shows up you font usage as a webpage, photoshop, indesign, illustrator or any graphical application. Gives you more impressure about the font file usage. by checking font that how it looks like in a website … Continue Reading »

Audio Preparation Watermarking and Upload Tool

The Audio Preparation Tool lets users easily package, watermark and upload their compositions and audio files. It can be used to package audio bundles or music packs, to create watermarked audio previews with a selected watermark. The tool allows automatic creation and upload of both the generated ZIP archive of the composition and the MP3 … Continue Reading »

Mobiliconizer (generate mobile app icons onthefly)

mobilizer is a tool generates all icon types seperated to IOS, Android and Windows Phone Project Standards on the fly. Live Demo Preserves transparency as it should. Scales using mitchell algorithm.(smooth scaling) installation mobilizer is portable. no need to install. just execute and drop a 1024×1024 png file into window. and it generates all icon … Continue Reading »

Advanced Calculator Enginering

+++++ Live Demo Advanced Calculator Enginering +++++ —— Conversion The Conversions module will convert a given value into a new value using a different unit of measurement. Conversion Procedure: – Select a conversion type from the “Select One” drop-down box -Select a beginning unit from the “Select Entered Unit” drop-down box. This will be the … Continue Reading »

Folder Mount PRO

ABOUT Live Demo Folder Mount PRO is a software that links (binds/mounts) source folder to the specified destination folder. Folder Mount PRO is also tested to work with dropbox so you dont have to copy & paste folder which will end up having two copies of the file, just like creating a shortcut files. Practical … Continue Reading »

Bootstrap Code Generator

What is this app? Live Demo Bootstrap Code Generator is a simple application to generate markup codes for your html project. It uses bootstrap 3 framework in generating required markup codes. Easily add html element with just a click of a button so no more typing of lengthy markup just to create a full navigation … Continue Reading »

Windows Speech Recognition Override Add-on

About speech recognition add-on Live Demo This is a background program which you can use to change the response call of the Windows Speech Recognition application. The program allows the user to change the default “start listening” to “computer” or anything else and add a computer synthesized voice response to your call which can be … Continue Reading »

Gamepad Mouse Mapper

This is a simple application that maps input from a gamepad to the mouse. It allows the user to move the cursor using the gamepad. Gamepad buttons are mapped to different mouse and keyboard functions, while analog control and arrows are mapped to cursor movement. Live Demo The program automatically detects present game controllers. The … Continue Reading »