Crypto Currencies Full App + IONIC 5 + Angular 12 + Coingecko + Cross platform ( Android, iOS )

The app collects and show the coin list from CoinGecko, live reload the coin list

Live Demo

Demo Url: Click Here!

New release added

New Features (Updated 2021)

Ionic 5

Angular 12

Data from CoinGecko

Modern UI


Coin List

Coin Details

Coin Details > Markets

Coin Details > News List



New Features are added:

Local Currencies


Crypto News

Home Page


Detail Page > Info

Detail Page > Chart


Detail Page > Markets

News Page


Favorites Page

Settings Page


Crypto Currencies Select List

Home Page


Porfolio Page

Main Functions

Show Coin List Coin detail Favorites coin

Installation Guides

1. Install NodeJS first

2. Open downloaded folder using CMD ( for Windows )

3. Install ionic global using “npm install -g ionic cordova”

4. Install project dependencies using “npm install”

5. Add android platform using “ionic cordova platform add android”

6. Test app on browser “ionic serve”

7. Build app “ionic cordova build android”

8. Run app “ionic cordova run android”

Updates March 2, 2018

Add Google Admob

New Updates

Add Wallets Module

Screen Shots

APK to test:

*Notes: The source does not include News module and Local Currency


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