Jumbo Convertor

Description: Very Profitable/Stable Daily utility conversion App with HUGE Potential to be top of the chart.

Live Demo

HUGE potential for someone with time to dominate this growing niche market.

Large user base, steady income, a valuable investment!

Potential to be Top Chart app, with good promotion and advertising.

Full source code along with all design images included.

Admob, AdColony, In-App purchase support

Main Feature: Jumbo Converter App that has number of Conversion categories with lots of Unit for conversions.

An option of adding conversion unit in favourite category for a fast access to repeatedly used conversions.

Choose any category from a list of categories and than select conversion unit.

You can swap selected conversion units.

you have an option to delete units from favourite categories.

iOS 10 Ready!

15 Conversion Categories: Length Units

Area Units

Volume Units

Mass Units

Density Units

Volumetric Liquid Flow Units

Volumetric Gas Flow Units

Mass Flow Units

High Pressure Units

Low Pressure Units

Speed Units

Torque Units

Dynamic Viscosity Units

Kinematic Viscosity Units

Temperature Conversion Formulas


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