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How to do more work in less time? If you’re using a Magento 2 store. you’ll understand this question. Sometime, you want to change price for more than one product or assign products to a new category, you need to click on edit link, edit each product and wait. What do you think if you need to do that with 50, 100 or more products.

This extension saves your time in product management. With a lot of features, this extension will help you doing works with products faster and easier.

Compatible with Magento CE 2.2, 2.3, 2.4



Product Features

Update category

Assign categories

Remove categories

Replace category

Update price

Change product base price

Change special price

Change product cost

Add related products

Assign related products

Remove related products

Add upsell products

Assign upsell products

Remove upsell products

Add crosssell products

Assign crosssell products

Remove crosssell products

Copy product custom options

Manage stock

Change quantity

Change threshold

Change stock status

Change other settings

Update text attributes

Apply for all product attributes (type is text)

Replace text

Append text

Change Attribute Set

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