RWC – Raspberry Web Console

RWC – Raspberry Web Console is a my personal project for control my raspberry from web.

Live Demo

This project is very easy to install. You can setup it in 2 minutes!

Demo Videos: Full preview | Getting Started


Easy setup GPIO configuration GPIO configuration for relay (with Normally Close and Normally Open) Play video files Play audio files LCD Text control Temperature & Humidity sensors ready with ajax refresh GPIO status check Reboot and Shutdown functions Easy HTML5 Bootstrap template for add what you want! Compatible with raspberry 2-3 tested on Raspberry 3 Model B

Technical details The webserver is built in python and you can launch at startup automatically. The web interface is built in HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS, responsive ready. You can customize everything!

Why I built this project? I realized this project for some room escape, and if you want to use this project in a room escape it is really recommended because it is very useful. But you can use this for control your home, weather station and more…!


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