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Too Many Proxies Tool helps you to find thousands proxies and performs multiple checks of them: ping, custom request, TOR detection, proxy visibility, finding location and other. Complex process and output data configuration supported. The proxies found can be used in my other tools (Auto Clicker, Site Visitor, Scenario Web Extractor, Youtube Visitor).

Main screen

Features list

Fast proxy crawler process

More than hundred source links

Configuration of output data columns

Real-time results and statistic


Extended proxy checker: ping, web request check, TOR detect, check location, check for ban in google


Found bug? Have idea or suggestion about what to add into application?

Please write some ticket with appropriate label in the project repository here and describe as many details as you can what you want to changeadd or what issue you have concerning the application

Need support?

If you need support please contact me by sending message through the form in the right corner on page here or via email

Customisation and extension of applications

You can order application customisation from me. All the work is fulfilled through upwork (my upwork profile link here) or by direct conclusion of an agreement with me as individual entrepreneur. The price and time interval are going to be discussed individually according to my current hourly rate.

Change log

release v1.2 07.02.2016

Fixed issues concerning checking process

Fixed saveload UI settings

Added more proxy sources

Added proxy timeout parameter

Faster web request checking

release v1.1 15.01.2016

Added fast configuration buttons (“I just want to collect proxies without checking”, “I just want IP:Port list” buttons) Improved proxy finding process

Added new proxy sources

Fixed bug with settings saving

Fixed bug referenced to checks (incorrect settings population)

release v1.0 11.30.2015


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