WoWonder Desktop – A Windows Messenger For WoWonder Social Script

WoWonder Desktop is a windows chat application for WoWonder social network, with our application users can chat together on their PCs using our new application, now chat is faster, easier, and more fun !

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WoWonder Desktop is easy, secured, and it will be regularly updated.


1) Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10

1) Vs2022 + WPF

User Features:

Send, receive messages.

Share & upload images, video, music, and files.

Offline access to all messages and recent conversions.

Update chat status.

Explore latest user’s posts, friends and information.


and much more…


Version 3.3.1 28/04/2022 Stable Version for 2022

Fixed 5 Bugs from previous reported issues

Improved UI/UX.

Version 3.3 17/02/2022 Stable Version for 2022

Updated the code to work with WoWonder v4.0 and above

Update To .NET 5

Update Triple DES Cert Key

Improved the loading of images and data fetching.

Improved the size of the app.

Added New theme for the application.

Added Notifications in Windows.

Added report mode logs for errors.

Added ability to send maps and locations.

Added socket system for the app.

Added Gender field in register page.

Added Encrypted chat system.

Added Reply to message system.

Added Ability to view Video Thumbnail.

Added Twilio video call system.

Added Ability to Archived Chat.

Added Ability to Pin Chats.

Added Ability to Mute Notification Chats.

Added Ability to Forward Message.

Added Ability to React on Messages.

Added Ability to Favorite a Message.

Added Ability to Delete Messages.

Added Ability to view Message Info.

Added Ability to view nearby users.

Added Group chat system.

Added Ability to use Two Factors Authentication.

Added Ability to request List of user and groups.

Added Ability to view last events.

Added Ability to manage sessions.

Added Ability to block users.

Added Ability to change password.

Added Ability to delete account.

Added new Sticker system.

Added Ability to edit Wallpaper color and image.

Added Ability to load more list.

Added Ability view sum of un read messages.

Fixed All error dispatcher threads.

Fixed Reopen the app after logout.

Fixed Language issues.

Fixed 30+ Bugs from previous reported issues.

Version 3.2 2 Jan 2021 Stable Version for 2021

Added Reset Image Background Chat

Fixed magor reported bugs

Updated the code to work with latest WoWonder script

Version 3.1 21 Feb 2020 Stable Version for 2020

Updated the code to work with WoWonder v2.3.3 and up

Added ability to change password

Fixed Gif loading

Fixed the display of the notifcation system.

Fixed magor reported bugs

Version 3.0 9/01/2020

Updated the code to work with WoWonder v2.3.2 and up

Added two-factor system for login

Added ability to activate account

Added ability to view market message

Upgrade to .NetCore 3.0

Fixed font render on the application

Fixed magor reported bugs

Version 2.1 21/08/2019 Stable Version for 2019

Updated the code to work with WoWonder v2.5.1 and up

Fixed Login account issue

Version 2.0 01/02/2019

Updated the code to work with WoWonder v2.2

Fixed register account issue

Add react notifcation system

improved performance issues

Version 1.5 12/1/2018 Stable Version for 2018

Updated the code to work with WoWonder v1.5.4.2

Added ability to Handel TLS3

Added ability to Swich the theme to dark mode

Fixed all reported bugs

improved performance issues

Version 1.4 9/23/2017 Stable Version for 2017

Updated the code to work with WoWonder v1.5.3

Added ability to Handel SSL / TLS2 and high secured servers connections

Added ability to Handel RTL Mode on Arabic language

Fixed sticker reported bugs

Added ability to login via enter button

Added ability to control your own settings by new variables

Pointer mouse on Items and activities

Full translatable version

Edit Application and install full video added

Version 1.3 9/15/2017 Pre-release

Fixed 4 reported bugs

Improve speed of application 50% More

few Improvement on SQL connections and c# libraries

Version 1.2 9/11/2017 (60+ New Features)

Added ability to Make video calls via Twilio from the app

Updated the code to work with WoWonder v1.5.2 and up

Totally new design using Google Material Design

Send and Receive Stickers / more than 300 stickers

Send and Receive Gifts/ Search and save your chosen gifts

Send and Receive Images / Save them where you like

Send and Receive Audio / Play it with the new Wowonder Audio player

Send and Receive Video / Play it with the new Wowonder Video player

Send and Receive files / Progress download and upload

View and Receive Phone Contacts

Added ability to view your recent calles and deleting it

Added ability to Search and follow users

Added ability to View all users contacts

Added ability to Mute sound And disable or enable popup notifications

Added full push notifications system

Added ability to view pro users on the chat application

Added ability to view Trending hashtags on the chat application

Added ability to view all last notifications from the chat application

Added ability to search inside the conversations and messages

Added ability to view all user profile information

Added ability to view all shared files and images from the same conversation

Added ability Edit and save your profile from the application

Added ability view last call logs

Added ability to register new account from the application

Added ability to login using 5 social networks.

Added ability to change user avatar from the application

Added ability to view friends of users

Added ability to block users from chat conversation.

Added ability to delete all chat conversation and messages

Added ability to change and control chat background image

Added ability to Manage and Reorder Stickers packs

Added ability to Manage local storage and free the disk

Added ability to handle Offline mode

Added ability for user to choose between 2 types of connections

Added ability to load all message from cash system

Added SQLite Database connection and stored data in tables

Added ability to change chat box colors during the chat

Walkthrough pages to add your own logos and info

Increase speed of the app to more than 50% Using Tasks and treads

Added Fody propertychanged library

Added Multilingual Implementation System with abilty to tranclate the app

Added RTL support for languages such as arabic

Added Download progress on Files and images and videos

WebRTC system using Cefsharp and Chromium

Fixed more than 20 Reported bugs

Version 1.1.0 10/10/2016

Added newest TLS/SSL integration, for high secured servers.

Updated the code to work with WoWonder v1.4.2

Changed the password box view to hidden.

Fixed few bugs.


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